Why Study Kung Fu

Why Study Kung Fu?


Learn to be a decent human being, kind, helpful, not small minded etc… Learn to be a hero, brave, chivalrous etc… Then learn Kung Fu.


Kung Fu is studied for health, spiritual development, and self defense. These goals can only be achieved by studying the whole system, which consists of empty-handed and classical weapons techniques, the study of Buddhist philosophy, Chinese medicine, and certain meditative/respiratory practices to cultivate the basic life giving force (Chi) and heighten ones awareness of the totality of nature.


The distinguishing feature of the fighting posture is that the hands are extended forward with the elbows slightly bent and tucked in close, to protect the centerline just like the Praying Mantis. The feet are separated about shoulder width. The bent leg supports most of the body weight while the slightly curved rear leg acts as a strut. This highly mobile posture facilitates the strategic advance and retreat, lateral, and spinning maneuvers essential to this style

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