The Mantis Story



A story is told about a monk who lived in a monastery in the bamboo forests of Southern China. During an early morning walk, he noticed a preying mantis balancing delicately on a twig. A bird, obviously thinking the fragile-looking insect would make an easy meal, fluttered down onto the twig and attacked. The monk watched in amazement as the mantis stood its ground and fended off the much-larger bird.

This monk went on to develop a style of fighting named after the little insect — one that was based on a humble, steadfast spirit; a refined sense of balance; a ferocious focus; and a highly developed efficiency and economy of movement. The style proved to be devastating as a martial art, yet so spiritually profound, that it was considered to be one of the highest levels of training in the temple.

Today, the spirit of Mantis continues through the work of Sifu David Moragne, who has started the only Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu school in the state, at the request of his teacher, Master Gin Foon Mark.

Mantis is more than a martial art. Mantis is an attitude.



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Mantis is a complete system of training that develops body, mind and spirit into an integrated, balanced, dancing Whole. But, be aware that Mantis is not for everybody.

(1) You will not learn all you need to know in “ten easy lessons”: There is nothing easy about Mantis, even though anyone can learn the moves. This ain’t no grasshopper.

(2) You will not amaze and astound your family and friends: Mantis is not about the flashy kick or the pretty punch. You might even say Mantis doesn’t look like much of anything. And you are not likely to get a starring role in the next kung-phooey movie either …not if you’re Mantis.

(3) If all you want to do is sweat off some pounds and make your heart beat faster, we respectfully suggest that aerobics might be the way for you to go.

All Mantis does is train you to Get Real….whenever you’re ready for it.

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