Rolling Bamboo

Rolling Bamboo

This exercise is for strengthening and conditioning the forearms.


To begin, you will need a piece of bamboo long enough to rest both forearms comfortably across it. Place bamboo on table, counter, or other accessible area.

Now, lay both wrists, palm up, on bamboo. Slowly (to begin) push forward, rolling arms across bamboo to the elbow. While pushing, rotate arms until palms are face down.

Return the same way, rolling arms back to the wrist. Arms should be back in the beginning position with palms facing up. Repeat about 25 times for each arm to begin. Don’t forget to apply liniment (Dit Dot Jow)generously. This will help develop the arms internally, strengthening the ligaments and tendons.

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  1. Sir,

    I find myself in need of some advice… I have studied various martial arts for much of my life but none of them offered any meaningful information on this subject.

    As it happens I am in need of THIS very information. My circumstances briefly expressed are these:
    1. I am 42 years old, and starting to feel my age a bit.
    2. My employment is beginning to take a toll on my body, and I wondered if some of the iron palm mind set and/ or medicinal approach might be able to help…

    I am a production machinist. In the course of my workday I handle 60lb transaxle housings which have thickened my palms and fingers. I usually wake up in the morning, with some swelling in my hands, and pain in my upper back, wrists, and shoulders.

    I am expected to produce 32 parts in the course of an eight hour shift, walking up and down steps between the two machines (each perform a different operation on the parts)… so in the course of a day I lift, handle and manipulate, these cast iron parts 7 times each (times thirty-two parts)…
    1. taking raw castings out of bins, and loading them on carts
    2. taking castings from cart to machine for 1st operation
    3. deburring, and preliminary cleaning prior to second operation
    4. loading parts into 2nd machine
    5. unloading from second operation to do a final debur and cleaning
    6. loading cleaning parts onto a cart for checking various machined features
    7. packing parts into bins for shipping to our customer

    I am hoping that I can find a way to make this count towards a kind of training of attributes conducive to martial proficiency, rather that simply wearing down a body that is no longer 18.

    Any advice you could offer will be gratefully received.

    Jim Nelson
    (KnightlySirJames1, my youtube name)

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