1.    Internal system.

2.    More techniques than many other systems.

3.   Opponent’s strength is used against him.

4.   Many techniques rely on feeling. The hands and feet react as if they had eyes and without thinking.

5.   Each form has a 2 or more person breakdown, allowing students to learn the meaning and practical application of moves.

6.   Learn to use each limb independantly of others – e.g. simultaneous block, punch, kick.

7.   Fighting is relaxed, continuous, and flowing. It is like having a machine gun instead of a pistol. Sparring exercises are continous like real fighting – you punch, the opponent counters, you counter the counter and so on.

8.   Praying Mantis has more than one power. (3-power strike, short, sticking, sticking, absorbing, shock, etc.)

9.   Although Praying Mantis practices high kicks, it favors low kicks for combat.

10.  Hands are hardened by internal exercises and use of a secret linament discovered in the monastary. Hitting hard objects destroys hand sensitivity.

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  1. Hello, I will be moving back to the island this winter. I would like to get more information about learning Kung Fu from you please. Where are you located, how many students do you train currently, what schedule do you have or is it flexible, and what costs are associated with your training?


    Dr. Shaun Blum

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