“I just wanted to make a comment to support this art and these teachers. After studying with Sifu David on Maui for about a year I had to move away to Arizona. After being nervous about the change I must say that my true confidence came out after hearing some of sayings that was taught to me with my training. Not only am I more physically stronger but mentally as well. Being a woman in a new environment I had a business interview and literally in front of 4 men. I simply heard Sifu David saying remember to always stay in your foundation no matter what, weather you’re in a fight, doing chi kung or just in life. Always remain in your stance or in your square horse. To make a long story short, the interview went great and I just want to say, Thank you. J.S.”


“I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. Money well spent. My experience was far greater than expected. It’s really hard to explain. Old wisdom with a modern day martial art. The style is quick, fast, soft and explosive, philosophical but very dangerous, completely practical, very real and scary. I’m still very spell bound, wow and thank you so much for being available for your training. W.M.”


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