Come join us here on Maui for our Kung Fu Retreat

From the Slopes of Haleakala to the shores of the Pacific Ocean

We will be training in the following forms:

Introduction to South Praying Mantis

Six Healing Sounds Chi Gung

Sifu’s Hand to Hand In Style Fighting Form

Kicking Form

Sweeping Form

Chi Sau

Yang Style Tai Chi Form

Seven Animal Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu

Push Hands

For those of you who are injured or handicapped, if you are able to move at least an arm or a leg there are things you can do that will be effective. Everyone regardless if they are injured or handicapped will encounter some limitations. The key is, knowing how to maximize your capabilities with in whatever your body will allow you to do. A lot of people forget that in any act of self-defense you could receive an injury that could cost you the use of an arm or a leg making it much more challenging. In just about every martial arts system there is at least one thing that almost all masters have in common. Their movements are often small but have a huge effect on their opponents, just as long as you can move even if it is just a little. Even the master’s move no more then what is necessary to get the job done and is often that of small and subtle movements. Let us share with you how you can do this as well. Remember it takes practice.

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