The Good Life

The Good Life…


Picture this: An event so important that it took place over half the country. From Minnesota to New York, it had to happen. Picture walking into a large restaurant filled with people as far as you can see. People from all over the country attending the birthday celebration of the 5th Generation World Master Gin Foon Mark. What a place to be. If you are in any way related to this famous person, you walk in with your chest out and full of pride. Martial and non-martial artist sharing good food and laughter in honor of this great man.

Then to fly across country to New York’s Chinatown where the celebration continued. Day and night, surrounded by some of the most renound martial artists in the world. Laughing, sharing stories and experiences, enjoying wonderful demonstrations, lion dancing, open-hand forms, weapons, two man. And then in the evening, enjoying some of the best food New York’s Chinatown had to offer.


But in the midst of all this, what impressed me the most, what makes me proud to call Master Gin Foon Mark my teacher and father, he made time to do something of the utmost importance. Just as I do to him, we went, with the greatest respect, to visit with honor, thanks, and prayer the late Great Grandmaster Lum Wing Fay. After all, without the foundation, how can anything stand. No building or person would remain. In todays time so much is lost. Honor, integrity, respect of ones elders, ones history. But not in Master Mark. In his eyes you can see the truth.

I am both honored and proud to know and spend much time with Master Mark. What a time. What an honor.



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