Sifu David Moragne

Sifu David Moragne

“This Ain’t No Grasshopper !”


David Moragne was first introduced to martial arts at age 5 by a relative who stressed the importance of being prepared and resourceful at all times. In his early teens he began studying Tae Kwon Do where he earned his first black belt. During that time, he was approached by someone who took interest in his learning ability and technique and proposed to teach David his personal art in order to keep it alive. David accepted this gift and became his friends only student.


After many years of training, he was introduced to the arts of Pa Kua, Wing Chun, Kenpo and Tai Chi. Yang style Tai Chi became an important part of his training. In the mid 80’s, David began his studies of Southern Praying Mantis. He then went on to meet and become a direct disciple of 5’th Generation World Master Gin Foon Mark. He has been invited to demonstrate and share this art throughout the U.S. and Canada. After being told by Master Mark to now share this art, David continues to study and teach under him.

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  1. Peace to You and Yours:

    I saw the show on AP you were on. I am very impressed with Southern Praying Mantis and one day would like to study the art.Keep Doing Well-


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