Master Mark

5th Generation World Master

Gin Foon Mark


Master Gin Foon Mark was born in 1927 in  Toison,     China, a small village near Canton. He began his studies of the art of Kung Fu at the age of 5 under the supervision of his uncle and grandfather, both high ranking Kung Fu Masters . At the age of 9 he was admitted to the Shoalin temple at Chun San and studied with the monk Moot Ki Fut Sai and other outstanding Masters. He received instruction in Sil Lum, White Crane, Eagle Claw, Leapord and Tiger Kung Fu. He also learned Moo Gai, a martial arts style similar to Tai Chi.

While in the Shoalin temple he learned many internal and external Chi Kung exercises including Iron Shirt, Iron Palm, and Cotton Palm. He also learned acupuncture techniques for healing and the techniques of Dim Mak.

In 1947, Master Mark began his teaching career when the Chinese Association requested he come to the U.S. and teach their young members. In 1956, at the age of 29, he began studying under Lum Wing Fai, the 4th Generation Master of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. For the next 13 years he studied under Master Lum Wing Fai. In 1969, Master Fai closed his hands (retired). Master Gin Foon Mark was chosen to be his successor as the 5th Generation Master of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

In 1979 Master Mark returned to China. While there, he studied 6 Healing Sounds Chi Kung under an “Old Master” in Beijing. After returning to the U.S. and continuing to study this Chi Kung on his own for 6 more years, he decided to teach 6 Sounds to his students.

Master Mark is also an accomplished painter, calligrapher, and chef. He has been featured on the national television program “You Asked For It”. He is the subject of an educational film (“Kung Fu Master”) and the Minnesota Historical Society consider him a noteworthy historical figure, producing a video tape about his life. Master Mark continues to teach at his school in Minnesota and has 3 schools including one in Maui, Hawaii.





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